Vrischika Bharani

On the day of Vrishchika bharani, The first purathezhunallathu of Ramapurathamma occurs. A beautiful "Kollam" has been portrayed by the expert with natural colors inside the nalambalam, and a Paatinukottu has been performed.The specialty of the day is Valiya Guruthi is conducted inside the temple. In the night, when the start Bharani changes and Karthika comes, Ramapurathamma has been taken outside from the nalambalam first time in the year as is called purathezhunallathu. Valiyakanikka and seva are performed as a part. 



The pallivilakku of Ramapuram temple is unique in onattukara region. The Three Kara of village, Ramapuram South,Ramapuram North,Ramapuram Sthanathinakam and Evoor South Kara have the right to bring Pallivilakku to bhagavathi and present Thirumulkazcha.Each pallivilakku is a brightly shining wooden lamp which has a length of 18 and more feet..It is made in specific measurements in wood and fixed two large pedestals. Every pallivilakku has a long wooden handle ,Melkoodaram,Koombu and Vedika.Vedika are wooden platforms .The vedikas are filled with muds ,in that, Marottithokka[special seed found in onattukara mangroves and some other parts of Kerala ,which is used as lamps to light] and thousand of wicks are being arranged to be lit. Those wicks are processed after boiling in a special herbal turmeric mix .In the early morning of Kumbha Karthika,Bhagavathi comes makes her royal walk to look at each Pallivilakku to shower her blessings and return to sreekovil  and maholsav is being concluded thereupon.

Meena Bharani


On the Meenabharani day,Urulichavaravu from three karas happen. Around the mid day the Major and the most auspicious Guruthi[ Bharani Valiya Guruthi ] performs inside temple. Thousands of people from the village and the nearby areas come to temple to participate in the valiyaguruthi. After valiya gurthi,bhagavathy is believed to be go to Kodungaloor to see her mother and as a part, Bhadrakalinada is closed for the day and is opened next day.

Meena-Ashwathi Mahotsavam

Meena Aswathi is the annual temple festival calibrated colorfully. Begins at the star of Thiruvonam in the month of Meenam, the annual festival days last to Meena Ashwathy & Meena Bharani..The first 6 days festival is conducted by the Karakkar and Ashwathi Maholsavam is conducted jointly by Devasom Board and Karakkar. During the Ashwathi day,Karakuthiyottam is offered form three karas in the evening. Kuthiyottam is the ritual performed for Bhadrakali to please her by the devotes. As a part of ritual, Chooral muriyal for children’s are performed in front of the bhadrakalinada. In the evening, the Kettukazcha are being brought to temple from three karas.Thirumunpil velakali is performed .It is on the Ashwathy maholsavam only,the idol of Bhadrakali has been taken out with Sree Bhuvaneswari to witness the Kulathilvela .This koodiezhunnallathu is performed there at Jeevatha and kaivattaka respectively.


Kumbha Bharani

Kumbhabharani is one of the important festivals conducted at temple. As part, ”Famous Pallivilakku “ is displayed .This is very unique and most attractive to thousand of devootees gather around to see the festival. There is a Major Guruthi[Valiya Guruthi] at night followed by Thaalappoli and Ezhunnallathu. In the Kumbhakarthika day, Bhagavathi receives an ‘Ottappara’ offered by the Mambara family.On karthika dawn, the famous Pallivilakku is performed.


Makara Karthika

The Karthika Starof Makaram month is the thirunal of Ramapurathamma. In the night , after deeparadhana , A seva is performed on the sevapandhal, after seating bhagavathi on the Sharakoodam. Now a days, Ponkala is also conducted in the morning.

Garudan Parappu

At the dawn of Bharani day, Ramapurathamma comes to the north nada to witness Garudanparappu. Garudanparappu is performed by a family which has the right to do so. It is believed that Ramapurathamma with very happy mind rushes to the sreekovil after seeing Garudan. There end the annual fest of the year.

Parakku Ezhunallathu

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³Though parakkezhunnallathu is common with almost all temples there at Onattukara,The Ezhunnallath of Ramapurathamma is unique in its pomp and glory. It is extra ordinary and uncommon. Ramapurathamma, the beloved deity of kings of Kayamkulam is believed to be on her royal visit to watch his karas and karamakkal.The event is well known far and wide. It’s very discipline and decorum is acclaimed as Ramapuram Chitta in ezhunnallathu.The kettu jeevatha of Ramapurathamma is the most auspicious Jeevatha of kerala is decorated with 18 Aranmula Mirrors, with 24 cat gold [Old Thola Gold] .Ramapurathu Jeevitha & the Chettikulangara Jeevitha are offered by the king of kayamkulam several centuries ago.It is in this kettujeevitha, bhagavathy performs her ezhunnallathu (royal procession). This was made by panachamood thachans as instructed by Kayamkulam King. As a reminiscent of the royal times, the chieftain of the koyikkalethu tharavadu do escort with the kaineettapara and offer Para in Plakkattu Kottaram.The procession of devi in kettujeevitha accompanied by pathinettara melam fills the heart of the people of the villages with great devotion .They salute the bhagavathy with folded hands at height of their ecstasy.

The Parakkezhunallathu begins during the month of Makaram, of the Malayalam era and lasts up to Meenam, Each ezhunnallathu includes Erakkipoojas, Anpoli, Anpara and Thalapoli in different temples nearby. 

Evoor Temple Koodiezhunallathu

As the part of parakkezhunnallathu at Evoor,Ramapurathama is welcomed to Evoor Sreekrishna Swamy temple and performs the Koodiezhunnallathu.Evoor bhagavan will perform Sheeveli with Ramapurathamma on this day. It is believed that Ramapurathamma is the sister of Evoor bhagavan.

Other important rituals related to parakkezhunnallathu are Erakkipooja at Nangiyarkulangara Varriom[Adukkalayil Erakkipooja],Kavala Deshathalappoli, Eruva Mukkalivattom Kaanikka,Kayamkulam Pazhayapalayathile Para[Police Station para], Karthikapalli kottaram Panakanedyam, Reception and Farewell procession of Nangiyarkulangara and Kanjoor Kara, Karippuzha Thoduchavittu, Meeting of Haripad Subramaniya Swami and farewell of Haripad peoples.

As a reminiscent of the royal times, a procession still followed is Kottakkakom Vattaparambile “Parayalannu Thirichukodukkal”.


Kuthiyottam is in fact a ritualistic symbolic representation of human ‘bali’( homicide). Folklore exponents see this art form, with enchanting well structured choreography and songs, as one among the rare Adi Dravida folklore traditions still preserved and practiced in Central Kerala in accordance to the true tradition and environment. Typical to the Adi Dravida folk dances and songs, the movements and formations of dancers (clad in white thorthu and banyan) choreographed in Kuthiyottam are quick, peaks at a particular point and ends abruptly.