Enshrined there at the kaninnimoola sthanam with in the nalambalam .Lord Ganesha seated near to Bhuvaneshwari Santorum



Bharamarakshass is seated outside the nalambalam and is at the southwest 


Nagarajavu & Nagayakshi

Nagaraja & Nagayakshi, the serpent goddess enshrined on the northwest of temple within the kavu.


Arukola Valiyachan 

Koyikkaleth  Aadichaman of Ramapuram was one of the commandant in the army of Kayamkulam ruler in their last 



Yekshiamma is seated close to the balakar shrine. Got invoked there at Nangiyarkulangara Varriom and brought by to be seated .Yakshiamma of Ramapuram temple is in peaceful form. This yakshi is closely related to the ritual of Varieth Adukalayil Erakkippoja conducted annually in relation with the Bhagavathys Parakkezhunnallathu



The Thachan of Panachamood house who built the idol of Sree Bhadrakali is being seated a little far north and worshipped.


Balakar[ Palakar]

Bharamarakshass is seated outside the nalambalam and is at the southwest 

Saraswathi Nada


"Saraswati Namastubhyam

Varade Kaama Roopini

Vidyaa Rambham Karishyaami

siddhir Bhavatu Me Sadaa"

The unique speciality of Ramapurum Devi Temple is the annually opened Saraswathi Nada. This nada will open thrice in a year in the navarathi days .These dyas are Durgashtami , Mahanavami & Vijayadhasami respectively. The idol of Goddess Saraswathy is seated specially on a Pazhukka Mandapam [Special  small Santorum] for these three days and poojas are offered. Numerous children’s perform Poojaveppu in those days and these 9 auspicious days are celebrated as Navarathirippoja and Navaham. On the day of vijayadhasami, people from in and around the villages come here to perform Aksharamkurikkal

Shri Saraswathi is the Goddess of learning, who is divine knowledge personified. The sound of Her celestial veena awakens the notes of the sublime utterances of the sacred monosyllable, "OM". She bestows the knowledge of the supreme, mystic sound, clarity of thought and nobility of ideas as represented by Her pure dazzling white clothes, with the hands holding the veena and books seated on the white lotus.

We worship Goddess Saraswathi to gain knowledge, dispassion, devotion and prosperity.